Scent Descriptions

1) Hickory Suede : Slightly smokey with a hint of sweet.

2) Cucumber Melon : A classic scent of sweet, cool, and juicy melons.

3) Island Escape : A sweet tropical scent. A unique blend of tropical fruits.

4) Black Raspberry Vanilla : A floral fruity scent. Smooth fruity fragrance burstig with ripe berries and creamy Vanilla.

5)Love Spell : Inspired by Victoria Secret. A fruity floral scent that is sexy, soft, and inviting.

6) Lavender Vanilla : A delicate, soft, and rejuvinating scent. Lavender has a calming effect to help you relax.

7) Coconut Cream : A milky sweet coconut type.

8) Unscented : Has no scent.

9) Southern Peach : A mouth watering fresh ripe picked peach. Soft and fuzzy.

10) Lemongrass : Smells like fresh lemony, grassy, earthy, and sweet all in one. Strong scent. Helps repell bugs.

11) Patchouli : Strong slightly sweet with musky earthy aroma.

12) Warm Vanilla Sugar : A warm sweet vanilla aroma with a hint of musk.

13) Passionate Kiss : A sweet floral and fruity blend. Victoria Secret type.

14) Pink : A flowery scent. Victoria Secret type.

15) Cherry Almond : A nutty cherry aroma.

16) Amber Romance : A warm amber blend with cherry, sandlewood, and vanilla. Victoria Secret type.

17) Dragon's Blood : A unique blend of amber, incense, vanilla, blood orange patchouli, lilac, and grapefruit.

18) Ginger Patchouli : A blend of ginger, sweet herbs, patchouli, musk,manderin, and vanilla.

19) Driftwood & Amber : Has a woody and floral scent with hint of musk, amber and Sandlewood.

20) Black Amber & Lavender : A lovely Lavender scent blended with amber, myrth, vanilla, musk, and clay sage.

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